You Will Have Access

I watched the debate on healthcare between Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz.  I was struck by how Ted dodged the question regarding “Is healthcare a right for every American?”  Cruz said that Republicans would guarantee access to healthcare for every American.  I tried to imagine what “access to health care looked like”.  I thought for a long time on how healthcare access would work for someone who has no money.  A solution finally came to me.


You Will Have Access

You don’t want government in your healthcare, they’re not interested in you,

It’s the insurance companies who are sincere, they’ll help to mend your flu.


The Affordable Care Act brought insurance to 20 million who had none,

But the new Republican healthcare program will give ACCESS to everyone.


Get regulations off of the insurance companies and create widespread competition,

In this free market it’s not making money that counts, your wellbeing is their mission.


The US has 46 million people without healthcare but now ACCESS will be given to all,

The new lower rates will provide the benefits to the covered, so go to the healthcare mall.


You can have your new healthcare with one easy click,

For the same coverage as your congressman, level 1 is what you pick.


So you can’t afford level 1, then the choice of doctor is not a perk,

Level 2 is the plan for you, the companies will place in their network.


Don’t worry if Level 2 is too much for you to pay,

Level 3 doesn’t cover much, it’s based upon co-pays.


And if you have a pre-existing condition high risk is what you need,

At Level 4 they will provide it, but your wallet will begin to bleed.


Still can’t afford the insurance, then level 5 is what you should buy,

The insurance companies have thought of everything, with ACCESS for you to try,


Level 5 is only $29.95 and it is good for all that is wrong with you,

It solves cancer, heart disease and diabetes, just to name a few.


The cure is delivered free of charge and it come in a pretty box.

Healthcare has never been so beautiful and with the wonderful smell of phlox.


The box has a delectable solution, to take you on a ride,

For inside is a candy pill that’s laced with cyanide.