About Joel Ottenbreit



Joel is a Quaker.  He is a member of the Detroit Monthly Meeting where he gathers weekly for silent worship.   He has sought to integrate meditation practice with silent worship.  He believes that people of all faiths should take advantage of the well researched benefits of meditation and mindfulness practice.

Joel Ottenbreit has been meditating for more than 40 years.  He has practiced Trancendental Meditation, Zen Meditation, Primordial Sound Meditation, and Vipassana Meditation.   He has practiced at the Ann Arbor Zen Temple, meditated at temples in Japan, and taken teacher training at the Center for Meditation Science.

Joel has spent most of his lifetime working with individuals with disabilities as a teacher, principal and professor.  He believes that meditation can help those with disabilities lead a more enjoyable life with less stress and anxiety.

Joel has been a long time technology enthusiast.  He has used technologies for meditation such as biofeedback, galvanic skin response, and the Muse system.  He has a wide range of apps and other software that he routinely uses.  He enjoys the development of websites and online coursework.